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Pi with an Eye

Ever wondered what else could have been in the size of a credit card and revolutionize the world in a way the former has. Yes, Raspberry Pi – a mini-computer of the size of a credit card can do most of the things that you can do on a desktop like spreadsheets, word-processing and games in High Definition! Now, coding and interfacing has become a lot more fun to do with Raspberry Pi. When eight year old at school toy around with Raspberry Pi building games and gadgets, its time you get hacking into gadgets and build things never imagined before.

This workshop will introduce you to the unexplored potential of the Raspberry Pi-the hardware, software and its applications. The Workshop is designed to cater to all kinds – be it a novice or a tech savvy hobbyist or an expert developer extraordinaire.

During the course of the workshop interesting open problems are floated and the participants are encouraged to think out-of-box and come up with innovative solutions. Post workshop, each participant will have a sound exposure to Python programming and interfacing of Raspberry Pi. A perfect recipe for innovation!

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Introduction to Raspberry Pi, Linux Terminal, and SSH.Basics of Python and GPIOs

Interfacing sensors and actuators – IR , DHT, and soil moisture sensors. DC pump actuator. Serial communication using I2C – ADXL345 and OLED Display

Visualisation and control – Blynk and Cayenne

Communication between NodeMCU and RPi via MQTT

Demo – Internet Speed Monitor using RPi

Sending an SMS

Introduction to VNC Viewer

Using the RPi Camera to take image and video

Introduction to ThingSpeak and Analytics using the Matlab tool

Streaming camera video on a webpage


Using OpenCV for basic image processing

Face tracking using OpenCV

Demo – Face recognition using OpenCV

Edge detection using OpenCV

Shape and Color recognition using OpenCV

Consolidation and Discussion

Phase 2 presentation


Raspberry pi | SD card | Raspberry Pi camera | Adaptor | ESP8266 NodeMCU | Micro USB cable | IR sensor | DHT11 sensor | RGB module | Vibration coin motor | Relay module | OLED | Jumper wires


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