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Brahma3 – our flagship product & design studio

Brahma3 is exploring the infinite future of 3D printing through powerful hardware and a creative community. Designed for both beginners and professionals, our printer, the Brahma3 Anvil is a 3D printing experience bar none.

The Brahma3 Anvil is an affordable yet high-end 3D printer, which was built with an equal measure of aesthetics and performance. It prides itself on being a computer independent machine, with an on-board interface that takes care of everything. The 3D printer works on FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) where it extrudes molten plastic and builds models layer by layer. The Brahma3 Anvil works out of the box. All you need is to plug the printer in, load the plastic filament, select a model file and hit print. Once the print is done, you can pop the model out and the process is complete.

Li2 as a Consulting Partner

Detail information and final product redacted due to confidentiality. Contact us for further information.

Automated Hematology Optical Microscope

The Automated Hematology Optical Microscope is used to study blood, semen and urine samples in a laboratory. In comparison to a conventional hematology optical microscope that is manually operated, this microscope adjusts and aligns the examination slide under the objective automatically through high precision linear slides, miniature servo motors, and proximity sensors.

The images of the samples are captured by a camera through the eyepiece and are fed to a cloud server-based IoT interface application.

The Smart Jar is an IoT based kitchen solution

The core of the system is a smart hardware device at every jar. Each jar is capable of recording the weight of ingredients and track motion in real-time. This system talks to a node module that connects to the cloud server via wifi and mobile networks.


The Iot solution is complete with live android and iOS app, and smart predictive analytics. The hardware is designed to last more than 6 months on single charge with cutting edge low-power wireless design.

The Iot solution is complete with live android and iOS app, and smart predictive analytics. The hardware is designed to last more than 6 months on single charge with cutting edge low-power wireless design.

The analytics goes right to the extent of placing direct orders for grocery and suggesting tasty recipes with available ingredients in the jars.

Special Purpose Internal Seat Lapping Machine

The special purpose internal seat lapping machine polishes the internal face of a specific cylindrical bush to 7 light bands. This machine was designed and built to solve the issue of water leakage in the water pump of a locomotive due to improper face contact with the carbon seal.


This machine rotates both the bush work piece and the lapping tool at offset centers that are adjusted through a display panel. With a continuous feed of lubricant during operation, high finishes required in the bush are achieved.

Personal Protective Device (PPD) Watch

The PPD is a disguised stylish watch for women having all digital functions of the watch along with a fully functional pedometer and activity tracker.

The main function of the device is personal protection. Having a small form factor, the device packs a 100db loud beeper and 120 lumen led flashlight, GPS tracker and real-time alerts. The data is captured on an iOS and android phone app with geo-location and SOS alerts.


• Pedometer: 3 Axis accelerometer

• Panic and silent mode button: Tactile

• Display: Monochrome OLED

• Battery: 3.7V (around 250 mAh) LiPo Rechargeable

• Bluetooth 4.0: BLE communication

Automation System for QR Code Nametag Fastening on Forged Axle

The Automation System will help track the forged axle movement in the shop floor. Currently, in the design phase, this system involves fixing a heat-proof tag on a forged axle at 1000 deg C.


The proposed automation system is based on an X-Z movement of the structure/ frame to locate the power tool to fasten/ fix the heat-proof nametag on the end of the hot axle, scan the QR code, the corresponding data logging and interface control through PLC.


A core aspect of our design and development process caters to creating prototypes. We provide prototypes made with various techniques using our in-house facilities and through collaborations.

Personal Protective Device (PPD) Watch

Durable, high temperature withstanding, high performance engineering Plastics and in Metals like Aluminum, Stainless steel, Titanium

• Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)

• Polyjet

• Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

• Stereolithography (SLA)

• Metal



• Vacuum Casting



• CNC machining

• Conventional machining

• Heat treatment


3D Modeling, Visualizations and Analysis Modeling

We use advanced 3D modeling software to ensure that all aspects of the system can be virtually tested and fully validated in advance, including structural stress, fluid and thermal calculations. We can also output detailed, easy-to-understand system visualizations to ensure seamless flow from concept to prototype to mass production.


3D file repair is an important aspect of our 3D printing process. We use algorithms and software based design evaluation and correction systems for 3D print design files.

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