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Courses with respect to Robotics, IoT, Connected devices and more. Take our best online courses now!

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Introduction to Robotics

  • Description: This course provides a foundational understanding of robotics, including key concepts, components, and basic programming. Learn how robots are designed, built, and controlled.

Key Topics:

  • History and evolution of robotics

  • Robotic components and architecture

  • Basics of robotic programming with Python

  • Introduction to sensors and actuators

  • Simple robotic projects and simulations

Advanced Robotics and Automation

  • Description: Dive deeper into robotics with advanced programming techniques, complex simulations, and real-world applications. Perfect for those looking to specialize in robotics engineering.

Key Topics:

  • Advanced programming for robotics (C++, ROS)

  • Machine learning and AI in robotics

  • Autonomous navigation and path planning

  • Robotic vision systems

  • Industrial automation and robotics

Human-Robot Friendship

Introduction to Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Description: Discover the world of IoT and how connected devices are transforming industries. Learn the basics of IoT architecture, communication protocols, and hands-on projects.

Key Topics:

  • IoT fundamentals and architecture

  • Sensors, actuators, and data acquisition

  • IoT communication protocols (MQTT, HTTP)

  • Building simple IoT projects with Arduino

  • Data analytics for IoT

IoT Systems and Applications

  • Description: This course covers advanced IoT concepts and applications, focusing on designing and implementing complex IoT systems for various industries.

Key Topics:

  • Advanced IoT architecture and platforms

  • Edge computing and IoT

  • Security and privacy in IoT

  • Developing IoT applications with Raspberry Pi

  • Case studies in healthcare, smart cities, and agriculture

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