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Li2 is a venture committed towards empowering education through experiential learning solutions for schools and colleges. Li2 is the national leader in applied training on Robotics, Embedded Systems and Mobile Computing for K-12 students, Engineering graduates and professionals. The idea of starting Li2-Innovations germinated from the fact that Indian academic system is predominantly focused on rote classroom learning with little scope for the application of theory thus creating a huge gap between the academia and current industry needs. Li2 is committed to fill this void in technology education through its innovative products and training services thus playing a significant role in our nation’s strive to be a technological super power.

Having started operations in 2008, Li2 has successfully reached in excess of 1,50,000 students across 20 cities and established association with more than 150 schools and colleges. With the constant support and guidance from eminent advisers having vast industry and academic experience, Li2 owes its continuing growth to its young, passionate and highly motivated team of designers, developers, trainers, and the student community.


To be a constant force in bringing about positive change among today’s students by motivating them towards scientific thinking and empowering them to build a better technological tomorrow


To be the largest and best partner in providing practical training, experiential learning tools and product solutions for schools, colleges and the student community in India.

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